Teach and learn geometry exactly as you do using a physical straightedge, compass and protractor.

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"A day long MathDisk and Robocompass workshop was conducted by co-founder Rafiq Jaffar Ali on 23-06-2014 at NASA’s Langley Research Center,Virginia."

What Do Users Say?

A perfect site to excite your gifted students - @Teachers First

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Beautiful Interface - @Collen Young

@robocompass I'm impressed with your rather beautiful interface!

This looks so Good - @Math@LSST

@robocompass - this looks so good!

It is freaking awesome - @Aoron White

@robocompass I've been playing with your app on my Chromebook all morning. It's freaking awesome

Could edge straight into my lessons - @Heerpal

New constructions demonstrator @robocompass looks like it could edge straight into my lessons

Great Recommendation - @Darren Barton

.@RBGeomatics Great recommendation of @robocompass

*Works best with chrome

*Available on Google Chromestore

Will soon be available

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